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Here at SLS Services we offer complete landscaping and excavation services. Some of these services include dozer work, hauling, tree and shrub installation, irrigation installation, erosion control and subdivision maintenance.

  • Excavation

  • Site Stabilization

  • Lot Preparation

  • Utilities

  • Rough Grade

  • Final Grade

  • Landscaping

  • Maintenance

  • Dirt Supplier

  • Topsoil Supplier

  • Excavation + Grading Contractor

  • Retaining Wall Supplier

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  • Clearing
  • Dozer work

  • Gravel and dirt hauling

  • We will remove vegetation and building pad to prep for slab foundations

  • We will remove vegetation and sitting drainage in crawl space areas in order to prep for crawl space foundations

  • Basement excavation

  • Rough grade which includes cut outs for concrete (if needed)

  • Dig water, sewer, and electric trenches

  • Install utility conduits from house to street

  • Final grade

  • Place gravel in level crawlspace area

  • Typically place 2 to 4 inches of gravel

  • Basic crawlspace area clean up

  • Excessive debris or block removal

  • Lay foundation drain and bed in gravel

  • Fill garage and porches with gravel

  • Fill around piers with dirt prior to gravel placement

Site Stabilization

  • Stabilize disturbed areas

  • Silt fence installation (Regular or Super Silt reinforced fence)

  • Storm drain inlet protection options:

  • Siltworm

  • Silt socks

  • Straw wattles

  • Gravel dams

  • Seed and straw installation

  • Hydro Seeding

  • Curlex Excelsior Blanket installation

  • Check Dam installation

  • Street sweeping

  • Install temporary concrete wash out pit

  • Bio retention pond

  • Bio retention swale

  • Rain garden

Lot Preparation

  • Prep lot for required foundation

  • Instal Silt Fence/Siltworm™

  • Haul in required fill

  • Haul off excess soil

  • Scrape vegetation off lot

  • Cut out 8″ for temporary driveway

  • Install 13′ wide temp drive fabric

  • Install #2/#3 stone on top of fabric

  • Install concrete washout pit


  • Utility trenches can be dug at the time of your choosing:
  • at slab stage or later or before or after framing

  • Water, sewer, and electrical conduit installed from house to street

  • Water meter set for your plumber or have our plumber pull the permit

  • Install a temporary water spigot

Rough Grade

  • Fill in all open utility ditches

  • Haul in any required fill

  • Grade a yard to establish effective drainage

  • Cut out a yard for concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks

  • Build a gravel pad for an air conditioning

  • Remove all excessive material from the lot

  • Establish all swales and have the lot graded within 4 to 6 inches of final grade

Final Grade

  • Re-grade/touch up any areas disturbed by construction and verify if swales are intact and properly pitched with a minimum of 2% and a max of 33%

  • Ensure the first 10′ from foundation is pitched a minimum of 6″

  • Import and spread 4″ of topsoil over lot

  • Power rake entire yard to prepare for seeding

  • Cut off sewer inspection “T” and cap at final grade

  • Ensure water meter box is set to grade

  • Clean off impacted areas, including sidewalks and driveways as well as curbs and streets before leaving site


Lawn installation can include your choice or any combination of:

  • Seed

  • Straw

  • Curlex Excelsior blanket (straw matting)

  • Hydro seeding

  • Sod installation

  • Tree installation

  • Shrub installation

  • Irrigation system installation

  • Hardscape installation:

  • fire pit

  • patio

  • retaining walls

  • outdoor living areas


  • Street sweeping

  • Maintenance of erosion control measures

  • Lot bush hogging

  • Mowing and weed eating

  • Lawn fertilization and weed control

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